Music and Sounds constitute a very important part of my life.

I started to discover and learn about it in my earliest childhood. Since I can remember, I regarded audio as an kind of illustration. Forms without meaning and art for art’s sake were never of interest to me.

I am sure that appropriate music can tell any story – both simple or complex, multilayered tale.

And I’m certain that proper Sound Design can shape or even form character of any visual work.

This is my goal – to transform pictures, emotions states, stories to music sheet or electric language of synthesizers – to Sound.

In 2012-2017 I had been a part of Sea Vine (art/jazz rock), with whom I released 2 LPs, warmly received by the critique.

In 2017 i scored Piotr Krzysztof Kamiński’s movie „The Collector”.

I’m designing and implementing audio in video games (Unity, Wwise).

You may browse my works here.

Everyday I’m focused on further developement of my skills.


Mainly I use Ableton Live and Presonus Studio One for audio work and Davinci Resolve for sync related issues.

In game audio, I’m mainly working in Unity with Wwise as a middleware.

I use a variety of plugins (East West, Native Instruments, Arturia, Softube etc.) as well as live instruments as Fender Rhodes piano, Moogs, Hohner String Melody and more.

For SFX Design tasks I deal mostly with field recordings, sound synthesis and foleys.

I am very willing to cooperate with film directors, producers and other artists. I like to work with people, who like me, feel that audio should have important meaning behind it. A wide variety of forms are of interest to me – film music, sound designing, game audio


Feel free to contact me.